KRELL 700 cx vs pass labs x600

I was contemplating auditioning these two amps for my B&W N-802s and was wondering if anyone could ecxplain eth sonic attributes of either or both preferably.

I have never auditioned the Krell 700. But I own a pass labs x-250. The sound is tube like but not overly warm. The 250 goes to 40 watts in class "a" mode.

You get the best of both worlds, tubelike sound with the power of solidstate. I think the TAS review of the Pass x-250 Dec/Jan 2002 describes it best.

best of luck

I own a Pair of Pass Aleph 2s & a PassAleph 3, so I'll just admit my bias first. I prefer the Pass sound over Krell in every instance I've compared the two. I think between the amps you're mentioning, the Pass 600s have the high ground simply because mono-blocs are inherently better than stereo amps. Just that fact that each channel has it's own chassis takes "Discrete" "Dual Mono" "Two Separate Power Cords" or any other audio buzz words out of the argument.
The Pass also has just two gain stages. The Pass philosophy is "Simpler is Better". I'm not sure how many gain stages the Krell FPB series has, maybe some else can help on this?