Krell 7.1 or Theta Digital Casablanca II ???

I plan to purchase a surround sound processor so my kids could watch movies and listen to musics 70/30 respectively. If any one with any experience with either one then, please, give me advices. Thanks in advance.
I listened to both and they are very good but I chose the EAD/ Alpha Digital Pro 8000 it just sounded more musical I also based my decision on previous experience with EAD gear,great sound/build quality and wonderful customer service.My system needs are the opposite 80% music
Personally I use the Casa-Blanca II (upgraded from the Casa-Nova) and it is awesome. The open architecture is not to be believed. You can configure this piece so many different ways that I can't even begin to explain. I am convinced that I will never need another processor, just different cards as my system changes in the years to come. Keep in mind that a good transport, amp, speakers and cabling all add to the ultimate movie going experience.

PS- I here the krell stuff is good too!
I had the Krell 7.1 I have since bought the new PrePro from Bel Canto. I was very happy with the Krell , but the Bel Canto is way better IMO. The stereo pre section is by far the best in any Home theater pro that I have heard. Check it out.
I have the Krell 7.1, and feel it is a great product. The sound quality is much better than the original HTS. Operationally it is easy & reliable. If I devoted 70% to HT and only 30% to music, I would look for something less expensive than the Krell & Theta....While both these pieces do exceptionally well with HT, I think you can get 90% of their performance at a much lower cost. Personally, I didn't sacrifice the music part of the equation.

I also like EAD. It was my first processor, but it is very user unfriendly. I think it has gotten better, but if other people in the household are going to use it expect some resistance. With the EAD, I recommend the HTM 700 remote for easy operation.

Looks like Krell is offering the 7.1 for a very good deal right now.
This is a killer deal on great new processor.