Krell 402E latest - advise needed

Hello, I currently own Krell 302E, have a good opportunity to upgrade to krell 402E . Is anybody out there who have/had/heard latest Krell 402E or 302E? What will I gain? Does this upgrade waste of money or well worth it? Any opinion is very appreciated. My speakers are Sonus Faber Elipsas. I know comparing them at the dealer is the best option, but I don’t have this opportunity.
If I thought the extra power was needed I would consider it; do you find your current amp seeming to run out of power? The 402E is one of the best out there but if the 302E is the same circuit in a slightly lower power you may not gain anything. I myself would use the lower powered version if it was big enough but not knowing your room size or volume requirements it is hard for anyone else to make a reasonable judgement.
Stanwal, thank you for the opinion, my room is relatively large (25’X20’ living room with high sealing), but I am not looking for more SPLs. Krell 402e has two power transformers (one for each channel ) and 35% more capacity. According to Krell, the 402E gives more wait and presence to the sound,better channel seperatio, even so tonal balance is the same. I just wanted to hear form actual owners of 402E or people who listened both.
Don't own Krell but would love to try if I had the money to have two sets of amps. I must admit I am a power junkie as my first system started with 75watts then 100, 300, then finally 500. My current setup started with 500 and is now at 1200 watts. IME amps within the same family/series always brought more authority, presence, weight, clarity, etc. with higher power. Maybe with tubes its different?? but with transistors more power generally is better. By the way all these attributes are attained at low to moderate levels not just at the extreme. I realize you are looking for current owners of your Krell amp but I'm confident you'll be quite pleased with the 402e vs. 302e.
Gshepardbuster, thank you for your advise and opinion. This is exaclty what I think. With SS, the higher power amps within the same brand sound better overall, with more presense and wait and not only at extreme levels. I am serisously leaning toward 402E.