Krell 400Xi integrated amplifier

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I've owned the best of ARC, Levinson, BAT, Krell, Wilson, B&W, Martin Logan, Magnepan, CJ all the cables you can imagine (one rig was over $20k just for cables)...Ouch ~!!! Anyway, all the best recordings of classical, jazz, pop etc.. Recent events have put me in temporary quarters of the smallish variety so...I put together a small system to complement my high end tastes while in an average room. The Krell is the heart, the Totem Forests are the soul and a Sony DVP-NS999ES player does the front end duties! Cabling wound up being Monster M2.4 and M1000i's with a Harmtech AC-11 on the Sony and a Stock Krell power sounded the best!! I feel as though I have given nothing fact I feel more connected to the music on so many levels that it blows me away!! Time in this game has shown me to follow your ears and not the reviewer..what a pack of sh-t they spew out on a monthly basis..practically useless!! Anyone interested in High end audio would be transported directly there for the $8000 I spent on the sacrifices nothing in the appropriate size room! It connects with the soul like few other systems at any price can...IMHO!!!
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Hey, I have a somewhat similar setup (Totem forests, Sony SCD-1, a variety of ICs) and am upgrading my amplificaiton section. Curious as to what you like about the Krell in comparision to the other pieces you've heard or owned with your Totems. My dealer mates Simaudio and Totem (pretty obvious choice) and I've always loved the sound. They're coming out with the i-7 (150wpc) this summer, but I'm also auditioning other integrateds (BAT, Pathos, Accustic Arts, DK Design, etc.).

Those are all fine choices. I have only had the Krell with the Totem setup, but the synergy rivals my Watt/Puppy, ARC, Levinson setup...very dynamic, great extension and full of expression!! I may be forced to go HT in my new house...if you think you might go Krell, let me know..I may be you maybee $600!!
I will def. let you know if I end up going Krell. I wouldn't personally have thought krell would be a good mate for the totems, because my dad had the Watt/Puppy 7s with the Krell KPS-25sc CD/Pre and Krell monoblocks (a totally different class, I know) and the totems didn't work at all, but this could have been due to a number of factors (rm. size, diff. source, and being used to the wilsons). Forced to go HT? Shudder to think...

Too bad you are selling everything Dave.....
I'm kinda happy, new kid on the way and I'm gonna rock out to my old genesis collection...maybe get me some old fashioned cerwin vegas to blast as my mains..just for fun!!! Maybe get a turntable???
Has anyone heard the 400xi with magnepans?
I don't have a headphone jack on my SACD player so have been using the preamp output from a Classe which is connected to my headphone amp.

If I buy the Krell is there a way to listen to the earphones without the signal going to the amplifier output. I don't see a headphone jack, and if I use the preamp out the signal will still be present at the speakers I assume.

Does the volume control take place in the preamp - so then that's no solution.

Looks like the 'mute' disables the signal at the source so that's no help either.

Any workaround you can think of - really like the unit otherwise?
You forgot to mention the MC-501's you owned. You sure have owned alot of very high end amplifiers. What did you do with the the 501's and the 400cx Krell? Just curious.
Sold all of it and went evo 402, 202 and 505..didn't deliver what I needed so I recently purchased ARC ref 3, HD 220 and picked up a Krell sacd std. What a great organic and lifelike..also got Krell res 2 speakers (sold C4's).
I have newly refoamed * Cerwin Vegas in preemo condition. I got them from a person who knew what she was selling , a DJ so no bull please. I can give you a great price!
No really your system looks like you are living the dream. Fantastic. If I could only stop spending my money on crap I may, some day be able to buy, that level of Audio.
*(by Millersound a master of his craft)