Krell 400xi Damping Factor

Does anybody know the damping factor of a Krell 400xi? I own one and enjoy the sound but the more and more I read about this amplifier the less and less I trust Krell and their specifications. I'd like to reiterate that I enjoy the sound of this amplifier.
Krell does not think damping factor is important. I have discussed this with them in the past. Their FPB amps have balanced outputs and control the driver in both directions.
The "Dampening Factor" like most Amplifier specifications, is useless when evaluating high-end gear. For Marketing and Advertising Executives they're great, but for Audiophiles, the sound is by far the most important factor. The Consumer Electronics Industry is largely unregulated, outside of operating voltage/current requirements and power consumption, the manufacturers could claim whatever they want on spec.-sheets. As far as trusting Krell, that $2,500-Amp. that you're using, sounds awesome, and has more than enough power(290-wpc>8-ohms @ clipping/1% distortion)to effectively drive any normal Speaker System to realistic db levels. High-end Audio Consumers have trusted Krell to make amazing sounding gear for the past 2.5 decades, and have yet to be disappointed. Enjoy your Amp., not the specs.
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Notice I said outputs. It may or may not matter but Krell thinks it's important enough to design their amps in such a manner.
Hi Jason,

What had me concerned was that 290 wpc "spec" was at 8ohm's but the 4ohm spec was only 350 not the printed 400 wpc. I was also spooked when one reviewer had the amplifier shut down at 1/3rd volume. I do enjoy the amplifier's sound, the heat generated and questions about the internal power supply/heat sink issues have me somewhat on edge. I'm currently driving Totem speakers that are a fairly easy load, however I'm really interested in Dynaudio 1.3's or the new Focus series which are said to be much tougher to drive.
Lush, I listed for sale my 400xi yesterday. I had an offered for full asking price after couple hours but then I could not do it. I ended up canceling my listing, I realized how much I love this baby Krell sound. I also tried the pre-amp section of the 400 xi with my 4 Bsst and the combo sounds darned good too. I would not buy the evo due to my budget but if I need more juice the KAV2250 amp would be my amp and the 400xi at its price point still a very nice pre-amp. Try it as a pre-amp and you might appreciate the 400 xi more.
I went through the same thing last month; I listed my 400xi and the first day I received 2-offers for my asking price, but got cold feet and decided to keep it. The problem is, that when you take this Amp. to the local Hi-Fi Dealers and asked them to hook-it-up and better it. Noticable sonic improvements come-in at 3-4Xs its price. There are a lot of sideways moves out of this particular component, unless you are willing (and able) to commit the resource$ to move up the chain to reference-grade separates (or Krell's FBI), or if your Speakers don't require this much power, then you could move into a more refined, higher-quality, lower-powered Integrated Amp., possibly a tubed unit or hybrid. The 400xi seems to currently own the less-than $3,000 Solid State Integrated Amp. segment.
I agree with above - don't get too hung up on Damping factor. Above about 10 it likely makes very little audible difference.
BTW, Rogers. If I decide to use the pre-out ONLY, seems to me the 400xi and my 4 Bsst would draw a lot of current since the power amp section of the 400xi still operates as an intergrated amp. Should one send it to Krell to disconnect the power amp section ? I doubt I ever need more juice since my level of listenning is around 40 to 60 from the unit digital reading at the front window-display and my 40.2 Paradigm ( not sure its efficiency level)is 8 ohm.