Krell 400xi Analogue source distortion

My system is a Krell 400xi, pair of Revel M-22 speakers and a Sony CD-player.
There was no problem in my system until I purchase a Thorens TD-295 turntable.
Thorens plays contemporary musics (e.g. Pop, Country) quite well, but when I play my classical music LPs (especially on the high peaks of the music) there is a huge amount of distortion that added to the music.
I guess the prolem is with the pre-amp circuit of the Krell, but if anyone has any other idea or some solution to solve this problem please help me.

I'd guess there's a mismatch between your cartridge and phono stage or a tonearm/cartridge alignment problem.
I forgot to say that I test my turntable and phono stage with another amp and speaker system (Marantz and Kef) and there was no distortion at all.
Have you tried all the inputs on the Krell?
Try reducing the gain of your phono stage.
I connect my phono stage to Tape input and distortion nearly
Shall I use Tape connectors as my analogue source input?
I think that replacing my current phono stage (Thorens) with
a Krell phono will totally eliminate the problem(my phono stage doesn't have any gain knob, it's just have a moving magnet/moving coil switch) what's your suggestions?
Thanks for your help.
Are you using an MM or MC cartridge and do you know the output? My thoughts are that the combination of the cart with the phono setting is somehow just at the edge of distortion due to improper loading and this is picked up by the highly resolving Krell. The Krell's inputs are hard to overload so it's likely to be at the cart/phono pre interface.

I use an EAR834P with my 400xi with excellent results (Lyra Argo i cartridge)