Krell 400 XI compared to Plinius 8200 MKII ??

I have been out of the audio market for some time and am downsizing my system. I will be selling a modified Conrad Johnson PV-8 and an Aragon 4004MKII (both are approx. 14 years old)and replacing with a high qulaity "integrated" I don't want to compromise sound quality; (though, I assume the pieces I am inquiring about represent advances in sound over what I currently own) Therefore, I want to know which of the above "integrated amps" will offer the best sound value especially compared to what I have. I will be driving a pair of the new Gallo Reference 3's speakers which (I have read) require the potential of 100 RMS to make them sound good even in small rooms. I may or may not need a quality phono input; so which of the above offers a quality onboard phono input?? But, I may just bag my VPI turntable and go minimalist with only a CD and tuner. All suggestions or alternatives welcomed!! Thank you, Sunnyjim
You will undoubtedly get several responses to your question, but fwiw my experience with these two amps had the Krell an unqualified winner over the Plinius.
In fact, I traded the Plinius to get the Krell, and have been very happy since. I also think the Gallo will mate well with the Krell.
I have never really understood the hoopla over Plinius, and side by side, this was not close on any dimension.
I also think that you will be hard pressed to notice a difference with this krell relative to the separates you mention. At 2x this price point, sure , but not here. Good luck.