Krell 3250e vs Classe CA-2300 vs Levinson 532H

I am shopping for a new amplifier to drive my Aerial 9 speakers and wanted to hear some opinions.

I know there are several new amplifiers on the market and am considering pairing the following with my ML 326S preamp.

Krell 3250e
ML 532H
Classe CA-2300

If you have experience with any of these amplifiers I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'm open to other recommendations too.

Sorry, I meant the Krell 2250e since I only need two channels.
I would put Pass Labs as my number one and then Classe, Krell at number three and ML last on my list due to poor customer service
Thanks, I will give Pass a listen as well.

Anyone have any direct experience with the amps listed?
Oh my God! I thought I was the only one. I am so pissed at Krell!! I have never seen such piss poor customer service for such a high ticket product. They are a$$ holes. I have been a fan for so long. The a$$ wipe in their repair department (Patrick) clearly doesn't give a damn about the customer. I would recommend any other amp but Krell. The company needs to understand the power of treating the customer with consideration and respect. Sorry for the rant.
Wow! I've talked with Patrick and found him very helpful even when he found out I was calling about used products. Many people I know have rejoiced that Patrick was back heading up service at Krell. Sorry you had a bad experience.
can't comment on comparisons but did recently hear the ML532. it sounds fantastic!. one of the best amps i've ever heard. have also been a Krell fan for a long time but am yet to hear any of their new offerings. look forward to reading comments from those who have.
I think the best solid state amps are the Clayton M-100's and the Clayton M-200's. They are both Class A and are rated at 100 watts/channel into 8 ohms, 200 watts/channel into 4 ohms, while the M-200's are 200 watts/channel into 8 ohms, etc. They list at $6,500 for the M-100's and $9,500 for the M-200's. The fact that they double the wattage into 4 ohms shows how robust they are. They are the most transparent solid state amps I have ever heard, with excellent bass control and an airy/sweet treble. Almost like the best of all worlds between tubes and solid state.

Another excellent amp is the Modwright DNA-500 that lists about $7,000.

I own a CA-2300 and I love it. I have not heard the other two but Home Theater Review's Andrew Robinson has reviews up for all three. You might want to read these. He rated the CA-2300 with the most stars.
I would strongly encourage you to consider the new Mark Levinson 500H Series amps. Powerful, quiet, cool running amps that will provide a lot of bang for your buck. This is what Kevin Voecks who designed the Salon2's uses. I also have used them to power my Salon2's. Also, customer service has been AWESOME over at Harman in my personal experience.
Anyone else compared these amps?
I think the CA-2300 is more liquid in the highs and has a more natural midrange than the Krells. The 2300 is a bargain, IMHO.
Hi, I would seek out a used Krell 700cx if I were you, this amp has better highs and mid-range than any of the amps listed above period!, coupled to a top tier Ayon digital player, the match is a perfect marriage!, sweet none analitical, none brittle, none grainy highs!, mid-range off the chain!, very smooth!, analog sounding!,,remember this amp is by far and away one of the best solid state amps available!, those who truly know this amp will agree! Happy listening!
If you like a 3-dimensional sound and your speaker can give this. ML is out of the picture. I never met people who prefer a 2-dimensional sound over a 3-dimensional sound. I also would suggest to take a listen to Pass Labs. In all the parts you judge highend sound for Pass Labs is one of the most complete brands in talents/properties what should be there for highend sound. Good Luck!
I think the review site has reviewed all three amps you have asked about.
At you also the read the article about the Pass Labs X250.5