Krell 302 v 302e

I've got an ARC CD5, LS26, a Krell 2250 and Wilson Sophia 2. I was looking to upgrade the power amp to a 302e but an opportunity to buy the original 302 has come up.

I've heard a 302e with Sophia 3 and loved the sound. Is there much difference to the 302 other than the energy efficient standby mode ?
I upgraded from mono 400 to 400e and it was immediately apparant that this is a real step up on all parameters. Said that the stereo 302/402's benefits even more to go to the "e" version than the monoblocks, although I did not heard 302 vs 302e.
Thanks. Everything I hear on the 402 to 402e suggests a big improvement - although in the UK the 402e is significantly more expensive than the outgoing model. The 302e is a very similar price to the old 302 which makes me wonder if much changed.
To me, the "e" versions are improved across the whole lineup.

As an fyi, you should be able to update the 302 to "e" status. Although being in the UK may make it a bit pricey factoring in shipping back and forth, plus the cost of the upgrade itself.

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Again thanks for that. Unfortunately the upgrade cost in the UK for both the 302 and 402 is the equivalent of $9,000 :()
Get the 302e.