Krell 300il or Jeff Rowland Concentra

Seeing that used Rowland Concentras and new Krell 300il integrateds are going for about the same money these days, which one, in your opinion, is the better buy and why? Thanks in advance for your replies.
Rowland all the way, much more musical and refined. Better value for the dollar buying used also.
Which speakers do you want to drive? The Krell wins for sheer power, the Rowland is easily more musical.
(I'm an admitted Rowland Model 2 owner...)
Go with Rowland if you like music!
I also vote for the Rowland.
Krell is over rated they are good but without a doubt the Rowland products are head and shoulders above Krell.
Krell's build is good until you see rowland I have owned both and Rowland is the name of the game.