Krell 300cx to Evo 302, any difference?

I have a Krell 300cx amp, Thiel 7 speakers, DCS Paganini CD/SACD transport, DCS Elgar plus dac directly into the Krell
I'm trying to determine if moving to a Krell evo 302 is
worth the money.

I used to work at one of the largest Krell dealers in the world. Before I left I did a comparison of a BAT VK 600SE set up correctly to the $40k Krell EVO mono blocks.

Although the Krell had a bigger presentation with bigger bass, the BAT was as good in every way and in some ways superior.

Long story short just because you've had a Krell doesn't mean that another Krell is the right direction.

The newer EVO amps are better but when I heard them I wasn't blown away by the difference.

I have heard both the 302 and 402 but not in my system I am using a 400cx and am very happy with it. Is the evo series better? I would say yes, It would be audio suicide for a company like Krell to bring to market a product that is not better. I went to CES last year and there were quite a few speaker companys using the 402. I am planning on upgrading to a 402
I traded up from the 300cx to the 400cx within 24 hours of purchase simply because, upon home audtitioning both amps, there was a discernable improvement to the dynamic range and detail retrieval from my Thiel CS6s.

That was back in 2002 and I have no inclination to change this system (KCT preamp by the way CASTed to the 400cx).

The CS7 has a similar load and frequency profile to the CS6.

To my ears there is a real difference afforded by the additional power, and this is apparent even at low listening levels.

Hope this helps.