Krell 300 il or 400xi or ? What would you do ?

I think what I want to do is get a pair of Magnepan 1.6 for my fronts and use my MMG's for the rears. I like what I am hearing with Magnepan.
I want to use a Integrated amp. The Krell 300il seems to be a good canidate and or the 400Xi.
Trying to understand why the 400xi has a lower list price but has more power then the 300il that has a higher list price but offers less power?
What am I missing and not understanding in these 2 units.
Open to suggestions and help on this.
The 400 is fast, detailed and powerful. Precise, but a little cold. Taut, controlled bass. It's a Krell, you'd expect that. I've got one. Stereophile did a review several months ago. The only knock on the 400 is that the heat sinks are inadequate. So if you're driving the amp pretty hard for a long period, say at a party, you'll get some distortion. I've never experienced this, but I don't have big parties anymore, either.

I've not heard the 300.

The bigger Krells are not cold.
In my system/room the Krell 400xi comes across as neutral and if anything a bit warm but very smooth/rich/robust. The new list price is $2,750- Which is still a steal considering its sound/power, reliability/warranty and gorgeous looks.
Depends on what you have at the front end, 400xi could be very edgy or harsh or warm and smooth. PBJ Kimber is too harsh even thought it brings out the best in Krell top end. Audioquest is Ok for my taste, airy and smooth and warm. Harmonic Tech some how doesnot go for me. Overall, I love the sound of 400xi. Try to pop in the Heartleft ( Fourplay) and crank it up around 60db. It is Hi-end sound for a small budget.
I believe the 300iL and 400xi are the same, save for the volume controls.

the 300iL should not be confused with the 300i.

the iL and xi have the same exact specs, same power, and to my ears the same sound.

often you can pick up the 300iL for slightly less than the 400xi used, although the original price of the iL was about 1000 bucks more.

Hope that helps