Krell 2250E Evo and pre mc tube ?

Hi, can i use my C2300 with Krell 2250E Evolution ?
i see in manual, say "use only RCA with pre tubes"

EVO 2250e single ended inputs are capacitor coupled preventing high DC output of tube preamplifier to pass through the active DC protection circuitry. 

With these components, you are limited to single ended inputs only. 

thank you !

c2300 have balanced with high DC out ?
"c2300 have balanced with high D.C out?" Not necessary but it's typical of tube pre. Your Krell is designed to accept pre tube signal via RCA inputs only.  In most cases, high DC can cause damage to both amps and speakers. 

Please consult with McIntosh if you're still in doubt.  

Thank you Laltik,   krell say me:

Tube preamps or the use of tube technology has improved greatly over the last 20 years. I would check with McIntosh and see if the C2300 is “capacitor coupled” at its outputs. If it is, is should be good to use with the EV2250e as is.

FYI: the RCA inputs in all Krell Evolution amplifiers are “capacitor coupled” for use with tube preamps that are not capacitor coupled.


Patrick Bresnahan
Sales, Technical Support, Service
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