Kreall amp and tube pre

It's been awhile now and I need some input. Can I just plug and play a tube pre into a fpb 200 or later generation amp ? I think several yrs ago I saw a post that said you needed to do something to the amp. Am i right ? Is their latest generation of amps tube friendly ? The reason i'm asking is I have an all tube system but would like a SS amp for 2 channel home theater. Thanks.
There is a setting that places an input resistor in line but I don't think it is necessary as long as you use a quality preamp that doesn't leak DC. I feel placing anything between the amp and preamp can be detrimental to sound quality. I have used many tube preamps with my 700c and never had a problem.
What are you using with the 700c ? I'm going to be using an Eastern Electric Minimax. I'm wondering if this little gem is up to the job.
I have tried the Aesthetix Calypso, Audio Research LS-16, SP-9 and REF One, Counterpoint SA-3 as well as a few others I can't remember. I am not using a tube pre at this time. I have an PS Audio PCA-2 that is great. And it is a balanced design which is important with the Krell. I don't know anything about the E.E. Minimax.
I would contact Krell before plugging the tube preamp up to the amp. They are very responsive. Better safe than sorry.
A great way to destroy your speakers. I would not do that.
I have spoken to Krell about the subject. The speakers won't be damaged, Krell has extensive protection on the outputs. The amp will go into protect if it senses DC. But it would be best to be cautious. Put a meter on the outputs of the preamp and check for DC. If you feel that something could go wrong, switch the resistors into the circuit.
Thanks. This is good to know. Last, which is the best sounding Krell amp on their entry level price the FPB 200 or a later encarnation ?
I don't really know the best sounding entry level Krell amp. Krell no longer makes a low powered amp like the 200. Do you already own the 200?
I am listening to a BAT Rex pre-amp into a Krell EVO-402 amp and it sounds great, even incredible. I did nothing but plug the two pieces of gear together and started listening. There was nothing in either owner's manual that indicated any specific instructions.