Krall's Look of Love soundstage more to the left

I have this CD and found that the soundstage somehow favors the left side almost from track to track.

It could be my hearing since my left ears high frequency response is quite better than the right ear.

Does anyone notice the samething? If not then it is probably my hearing or possibly my room
Just put it on the player - Voice is dead center in the first cut and so it goes there after (actually I took it off after 4 tracks). Not the CD. Ears or set up perhaps - do you hear this left of center image all of the time, or ever, with any other disc's with a solo instrument, like a guitar for instance?
Diana's "the girl in the other room" was doing the same thing to me, except it was leaning to the right speaker. This was a couple weeks ago just after I moved the room around a bit, and I mean a very little bit. I threw couch pillows on the marble coffee table and presto...dead center. Could very well be a reflection.
move your speakers in a bit(to the center)jaybo and see what happens
My center image and vocal is center but the background orchestra or background effect appears to be mostly to the left or rather favors the left side. I notice this in her other recording When I look into your eyes.
I hear the left on the right and the right on the left, I think ):<
Andy2, I've listened to both albums and I get a very even image. Can't explain your problem. Any chance you've blown a tweeter in your right speaker? That would explain why the voice is centered as that's mostly from the mid-range driver. Hope not, but check it out.
I find on many recordings in most systems the sound is skewed slightly to the left. Other people have noticed this as well.
Can the imaging be corrected by using your balance control?
I notice my left ear high freq. response slightly better than my right ear. So that partly explains why certain type of muscial sound from the back of the soundstage tends to be skewed slightly to the left side. But most other instruments seems to be where they should be. It is probably a combination of laidback system (soft treble) and unbalance hearing is the cause.

Rwwear mention that on most recordings in most system the sound is slightly skewed to the left side which is interesting. I notice the same thing on most of my recordings but mostly on background sound effect.
I had a similar problem and cured it by moving my left speaker an inch or two to the left. Image is right in the center now.