KR Enterprise Amps, "Do they have the power"

Hi, I am getting the KR 6000 VT monoblock amps. I tried to look for some info on it but very few was availible . I never had a chance of listen to a KR amp and I never use a valcuum transducer amp before. Can anyone give my a little break down on the amp. Does it have the power to run most big tower speaker on the market, like the Dunlavy?... How good is the bass reproduction...? etc. I have the Mc XR19 speaker ( two 12" woofer, one 8"mid, 12 1" tweeter ). Thanks
I owned the KR VT6000 for awhile. It has a lot of power, enough to drive about anything. Bass is what the KR amps do best. But don't expect a typical tube sound from the "vacuum transducer". The VT6000 can be a little hard and sterile sounding in some cases. The other cavaet is that the tubes are sealed, and have to be replaced by a factory tech. And they do go bad. Shipping can get very expensive. There was no KR US service when I owned mine, so I had to send it back to Prague for $1000. shipping both ways. I've owned other KR products that were trouble free, but this one was a bad experience for me.
Thanks for the feedback. How long should the tube last on the KR VT6000 amp. I never used a tube amp before so hopefully it would be a good experience. What kind of speakers are you running with the VT6000, btw? I listen to a lot of techno, deep house, and acid jazz music, which have fast moving bass and a fast contest tempo ..... This type of music is not made for bookshelf speakers. It sound best with speakers that have a lot of drivers..... Will the KR6000 have to power to rock at a high!!!! volume with ease because I listen to my music super loud. I found out that the more power the amp have to smoother would sound when playing at a high volume...
I no longer have the amp. It's been so long ago that I owned one, I can't even remember what speakers I had at the time. The VT6000 does have power. If you're using a dynamic driver speaker, you should have no problem. The tubes of the amp I had may have been damaged in shipping. KR leaves the tubes in place in the amp when they ship them. KR says the tubes should last 20,000 hours, I believe. All I can tell you is that it really sucks when one goes bad, because it isn't user replacable. They do have a US service person now, though. The VT6000 should work well for the type of music you listen to.
i used to own a KR antares with dunlavy sc IV.i believe my KR antares only put out 25W.i have to say it is a great sounding amplifier,but just not put out enough power for my dunlavy.i am not familiar with the VT6000.hope this will help
Hi, I have tried KR Antares (842) with speakers of 87dB and up. There is enough power to drive them up to the "sanity" levels and of course also on techno and dance. This is the very unique character of the KR. Tube sound for bass lovers..