KR Audio VA340 MKII vs Melody AN 845

Has anyone had the chance to listen to either of these integrated amps? Any opinions one way or another?
I'm interested in this amp, but I'm not sure it will have enough juice to drive my speakers (Usher 718 DMD). Anyone driving 87 db efficiency speakers with the AN 845?
If the AN845 Integrated is as good or better than the Melody PB 101/M845 combo that I heard then it will be a real winner. The combination was absolutely stunning and competed with much more expensive offerings.
AN845 vs PB101/M845.
This is a test I'd like to conduct at the upcoming THE Show in Newport Beach, CA.
To date, I have heard both but not at the same time so I don't want to say which is better than which.
Nevertheless, at the last RMAF in Denver, we had 2 people who listened to PB101/M845 for a few minutes and wanted the AN845 due to their space constraint.
The end result is they both went home with their own AN845 and I believe they posted their impressions here in another thread.