KR Audio repair

Somebody knows where can I repair a pair of KR Audio Kronzillas on the US?
Thanks in advance.
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the circuit is quite simple and most competent techs can service the amps.
This is correct. We serviced one about 20 years ago- it was simple and any technician that knows tubes should have no troubles with it.
They are simple, yes, so I'm surprised that anything has gone wrong with them at all. Although, some of the components suffer a bit of abuse re total power throughput.
I’ve tried to contact KR Audio USA, but didn’t get any answer...
I live in Ecuador, and it’s a little mess to send the amps to the US, that’s why I need your recommendstion of a good and honest technician. Shipping both ways will be very expensive...
Thanks again for your help.
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That is not the idea. I want to send my amps to the US, but need you guys to recommend me a very good technician.