KR Audio Kronzilla VA680i anyone ?

Does anyone have any experience with this awsome Kronzilla VA680i integrated amp ?I'm pretty interested in purchasing this amp but would like to learn more about it first.

I have experience with the 1610 Kronzilla, from years ago. What would you like to know?

Generally speaking, it is eminently powerful, it sounds (sounded) good, and it is cumbersome (heavy & hot).

Well i have this crazy project in mind.I would like to drive Hifiman Susvara and Abyss 1266 TC headphones directly from speaker taps of a Kronzilla amp.You might think i'm crazy but i can asure you it's the ultimate headphone experience when you don't have $150-200K to build a speaker rig.
I have listened to them and work directly with Eunice at KR.  I import KR tubes as they are the only ones left I know of that make a PX25 and the balance of their tubes are pretty great.  It sound like a crazy project and will require some modification. Those amps are amazing sounding.  Tons of detail and oodles of power.  
Let me know how I can help.  I can reach out to Eunice and Marek (KRs lead engineer) for you.  

@verdantaudio i live close to the French KR distributor and i know he can give me a big discount on a new unit.At first i wanted to purchase an Aries Cerat Genus but unfortunately they are running out of 813 tubes and therefore they decided to switch to 845 tubes on the new unit and i don't want 845.Either i can find a used Aries Cerat Genus with 813 tubes otherwise i'll go the Kronzilla route for sure.Are the Kronzilla amps reliable and very solid in the long run ?
I have not heard issues in terms of reliability on KR Amps.  I also have plenty of customers who are running 15+ year old KR Tubes that still sound great.  
Like anything, a few people run into issues but there are relatively few problems that I am aware of. I have found a little bit of bad press from about 11 years ago when they had some turnover.  Definitely not an issue now.