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Can anybody help with opinions regarding kr audio tube amplifiers. MY brother in -law found a set of monoblocks he is interested in and asked for some feedback. IM not really famaliar with the company or products and would appreciate any opinions regarding realiability, quality and sound. Thanks in advance for any help
All I know is that the brand comes from Chechoslovakia or something,Slavic brand .
Check here:
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Hello Reno. Yes, the Kr audio amplifiers are maufactured in the Czech Republic[formerly Czchoslovakia] as well as producing many hand made DTH tubes that will sub for the nos 300b,2a3,45,845 etc. The company was conceived by the late Dr. Kron and now run by his wife. Their amplifiers are very special indeed. I am perplexed as to why they are not recognized as such in the USA. Are the amplifiers in question the Antares employing the 300bxls or the 842? cheers david
Thanks Creeper. Despite the fact that I am trying to sell my amp, the reason is a space issue, at 10" it's too tall for a planned new rack that will contribute greatly to domestic harmony. As I was saying despite that fact, my KR VA300 Antares is the best amp I've ever had in my system. It is a SET, using KR's own 842 tubes, it has remarkable transparency, giving tons of musical detail while still maintaining that organic, lit from within, character that makes SET amps so great. In my system, granted I've recently changed speakers, it beat Cary 300B Sig monos, and an Air Tight ATM-1, not to mention my old c-j premiere 11A. Also it's surprisingly powerful, I've read in different places that it puts out 18 watts and that it puts out 12 watss and I'm not sure which is correct, but it drives my JMlabs Micro Utopias with no problems whatsoever. It is also the most dynamic sounding SET amp I've heard. I've seen KR amps out there at pretty affordable prices, I suspect in this marketplace that seems to value familiar brand names and magazine reviews, that the KR amps are pretty great values if you have compatible speakers. Happy Listening!
I purchased a KR 18BSI integrated amp about 8 months ago. This amp is the precursor to the Antares that Jond is using. This amplifier replaced an Audible Illusions M3A preamp and a pair of Audio Advancement TriMax mono blocks. The KR is, without doubt, the best amp I have used in my system and I have tried many amplifiers over the years. As far as reliability is concerned, some of the earlier KR amps, like my 18BSI, did have some problems but this can be fixed quite by a competent technician. I believe the later models, like the Antares, are very reliable. Like Jond, I do not understand why these amps do not garner more attention as they are superb performers.
I am an ex-owner of the antares and a pair of vt-850mk mono..All i can tell you is that you cant go wrong with KR .the amp is capable of driving just about any speaker out there on the market with great sounding..ignore the 12W that listed,to me it seem more like 120watts.the negative thing about the kr that i can think of is that it weight close to 100lbs each.