Kr Audio Amp - new Transformer Needed?

Hi Folks:
I've been enjoying a pair of Kr Enterprise 6000(now KR Audio) amps for about three years now. I retubed them about two years ago with a new quad of 842vhd tubes and they've been singing great. However, one of the amps just died and I took it to the 'shop', True Sound here in Northern California. It turns out that the main power transformer has died.

Challenge is that the transformer is quite custom. Question is whether I can get my hands on a replacement transformer of the same spec. Has anyone had a similar issue with their KR amp, and does anyone have any thoughts on a resoluton path? I'll try the manufacturer, but just thought I'd check and see if anyone has been down the same road as me.

Thanks in advance for any thougths or advice.
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Contact "Electra Print Audio" in Las Vegas. They are familiar with the KR enterprise amps.

Electra-Print Audio
Jack Elliano – Owner and Designer
4117 Roxanne Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89108

702-396-4909 phone
Thanks Taylor514. I ended up finding the official KR Audio Service Center, and will see what they come up with.