Korsun? Possibly Red Rose Music?

Hey, I was wondering if anybod has heard of korsun? their webpage is www.korson.com.cn , and looking at all their products they are very similar to the Mark Levinson Red Rose line of amplifiers and components, and I was wondering if anyone knew if they were the overseas producers for the amplifiers, espically since they are a reasonable amount cheaper. thanks
Take a read at this:

oops, the website is actually www.korsun.com.cn , not korson like in the link above
I would like to know if anyone has head any of their products or owns them, since the whole OEM manufacturer thing sounds interesting, especially if you could wind up saving lots of money. Also there is a shop in new your importing some of these units for sale, their web address is www.nysound.com
wow, don't post too quickly or you could look over something as embarassing as new your instead of new york