Korg tascam etc. recorders any comments?

Anyone has experience with these(korg mr 1000, tascam dv-ra1000) recording from vinyl to digital?
Looking to capture as close to what vinyl is bringing to the room.
Still no experiences? In the meantime there is a nice Korg MR2000S, too!
Use the Korg MR2000S for transferring vinyl to 2xDSD and find it extremely close to the original source. It would really difficult to differentiate them in a blind listening session. Even without a blind A/B test, you have to make sure that you are listening to the original source and not the Korg playback.
The recordings are best in 2xDSD. As you go down the chain to single DSD and PCM, you will find that the information on the space between the musicians starts to vanish.
As you can add the songs into the play-list it is easy to find for playback onto the Korg.
It's great for recording those 45rpm audiophile recordings so that you can listen to the full album in one go.
Hopefully soon we will have DAC's capable of playing these 2xDSD files via usb, whioch will lift the playback quality. Not that the Korg does not hold merit.
I have also added a larger HDD in my Korg compared to the original 80Gb it comes with.
Highly recommended for vinyl transfer.
Hope that helps.
Playback Design is supposed to release a new USB interface that will support upto DSD2. The DAC itself already upconvert everything to DSD2 for decoding so theoretically, you should be able to play DSD2 files via computer with Playback Design.
However, I am not sure what software for the computer would support DSD2 file. Any idea?
another vote for the Korg 2000s. Takes some getting used to, but it sounds really nice, can record at double SACD sampling rate( future proof), and is a fun piece to own.
Could someone compare the Tascam or the Korg with a MacBook Pro with some Firewire interface and some of the nice softwares like Pure Vinyl or something similar? The Macbook setup would be finde for all 24/192 data, recording as well as ripped cd playback.
The best way to do it is with the Korg or Tascam and then do any editing on a workstation. Any A to D conversion done in a PC or laptop is going to be a sonic compromise.

Ony exception would be a Mac based Rosetta 200 system where the A to D conversion is done outside of the computer box. Keep in mind, 24/192 is going to take up a lot of HD space, and is not really worth the effort unless you are using an external master clock like the Big Ben or Antelope Audio Atomic clock....

That is the big question- who is going to come out with the software which will send pure DSD over USB? Korg's Audiogate, Foobar, Pyramax, Sonoma.....?

Both Mytek and PB Design have mentioned their ability to decode the signal, but neither one have said which software will execute it.

It's a waiting game...and I do hope it gives us some direction soon.

a Mac mini will output DSD over USB via iTunes