Korg MR-1 vs Sony PCM-D50 – extreme foley editing

Hello, my name is Craig Cheatham. I'm looking for some guidance from someone more knowledgeable than I am about the Korg MR-1 and 1-bit recording.

I have been looking at the recent offerings of digital field recorders for a while and decided that I wanted to get either the Sony PCM D-50 or the Korg MR-1. I found the Korg locally at a very good price, so I got it. Now I'm not sure I did the right thing.

What I want to do is create compositions from captured ambient sounds. In particular I want to use piezo-electric pickups with a pre-amp to sample structure-born sound, such as sampling my car engine, my water heater, banging on large steel tanks, and the like. Then I want change the time frame of the sample to significantly shift the pitch/tempo downward or up. For instance I might want to make a 10sec sample of my car engine and stretch it to 30sec, like recording on tape at one speed and playing back at another.

I thought that the Korg 1-Bit audio format would allow me to get the best re-sampling, giving the smoothest dithering and thereby minimizing digital artifacts of the resampling. The problem is that I don't think the Audiogate software will allow me to shift the time and my DAW (Live Lite) won't allow me to edit DFF or WSD files.

� Do you think there is any advantage then in using the Korg for my recording? Should I have gone to the Sony?

� Will I get decent results converting the files to 192khz/24bit and then stretching them in my DAW?

Thanks in advance if you can take any time to offer an opinion.