Korean CD stores? Need help finding music

Hello everyone,

anyone here from Korea or speaks Korean? I am looking for help - want to purchase couple of CD sets which were released in Korea 2014/2015 and are not sold anymore. Pretty sure it would be possible to find someone who has a second hand copy but as I do not speak or understand Korean, gets pretty impossible on finding something.

Googling did not come up with anything reasonable except old listings saying not available anymore..

Would appreciate the help, thank you!
When I was recently in Poland and did not speak Polish I used Google translate. Talk into the phone in English and the phone will type out what you spoke in English and Polish. So you can see what the app understood from your speech. If correct you can show the other person the translated text in the native language. The phone app will also playback the converted text back in the native language so you can actually have a conversation this way.