Korato KTA-100 amps?

Has anyone any experience with Korato amps? Their dual mono KTA-100 (100 W) amp looks enticing.

I’m looking for an amp to power my Martin Logan Spires. Budget up to $3,000.

I currently have Soundcraftsmen PM860 monoblocks, but they’ve developed an annoying ground loop that I can’t seem to fix?

My upstream components are:
Don Sachs custom 6SN7 preamp
Esoteric DV-50S
Teac UD-501 DAC
Asus VivoPC
Roksan Xerxes table
Croft RIAA phono stage
I just looked at those Spires, wow some nice speakers! I am jealous! But, they look to me like they can handle far more than 100 watts? But the Korato's are some beefy amps, and with 30 watts of Class A power they could sound sweet. But they are made in Yugoslavia, if you have a problem, you may find yourself on your own. Maybe a nice used Pass Labs X150 would be nice? Or 250 for that matter? You've got a nice system! Good luck filling the amp spot. 
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