Korato Ikarus, Monitor Silver 500 6G, Shanling X3, and Chinese Odin 2 and Valhalla cables

In the past several years, I assembled a system to listen to music when I retire and spend time in Serbia. However, I did not have an opportunity to use it until several weeks ago. I set up this system in a pretty dead sounding room which was not meant to be used for audio, and I sat at 2-3 m distance from each speaker.

I am not reviewing any components here, neither am I doing commercials for anyone. I am a music lover, and I am just trying to let everybody know how great this system sounded. I started with purchases of high-end audio components in 1991. and now, I can only feel sorry about us, older people for not being able to get this sound quality for this price at that time. Everything that an audiophile in me wanted was there: dynamics, instrumental colors, details, stereo separation, presence, depth of stage... When I listened to myself playing Larrivee, Goodall, and Martin guitars, I was able to discern differences between these guitars and tell which guitar I was playing at a time. I define myself as a music lover and I can only state that this system allowed me to enjoy music as much as I enjoy it while in my White Room in MN. It is amazing how much music and sound one can get for $4,000 these days.