Kora Hermes II / Predac

Can anyone steer me to a place I can get specs on a Kora Hermes II, and a dealer that actually sells them - new or used? Does anyone have any experience with the new "PREDAC" put out by Paul of TADAC fame? I had several suggestions concerning a good tubed DAC. Would like more suggestions if they're out there ($1k - 4k) Again a tubed DAC with balanced ins & outs. May not have to have balanced - Paul of Tadac fame says to get balanced outs you loose the REAL analog sound??
Sorry guys-not balanced ins-only outs.
So, no one actually has a Predac? I'm trying to decide on the Kora Hermes II, or the Predac. Anyone have experience with both? I have logged several readers, but no opinions. Predac is fairly new-must not be many out there.