Kora Hermes Auricap version vs. Hermes II?

Hello all. I own the older Kora Hermes with the Auriacps, the one right before the new current version, the Kora Hermes II. I was wondering what the sonic differences was between the two? Please be specific in your answers.
Thanks for your time

I owned the Auricapped Hermes and I now own the Hermes II. As good as the old Hermes was, the new version is more refined and even more analog-like sounding. It reminds me of Accuphase DP-75V, which is my reference for redbook CDs. The new Hermes is even more liquid in the mids, seems a little bit smoother and the soundstage seems more open. Overall the sound has the same musical, rich and dynamic presentation as the older model, but everything is taken to yet another level.
Internally, Hermes II has the digital and analog sections wide apart on totally separate boards, uses silver wiring and is now a fully balanced design. The ability of using either 6922’s or 12au7’s gives you even more choices for tweaking the sound the way you like it.