Kora Eclipse preamp oddity

I recently acquired a Pass Xono and installed it in my system yesterday. I randomly picked the "line" input to connect the Xono to my Kora Eclipse. The Xono has 4 gain setting so I guessed on the -10db settings and hooked it all up. I put a CD on my CD player and an album on the turntable and thought I would switch back and forth between those two inputs and see if the volumes were similar with the Xono gain setting I had chosen. With the Eclipse on the "line" input I heard the CD. Here's the strange part. When I switched to the "MC phono" input I could hear both the album and the CD. It seems that the "line" input (and only the line input) is in the circuit no matter which input you select. Have any other Eclipse users noticed this?

YOu've got crosstalk!!!
my eclipse does not do that.
I would have thought crosstalk would be a fainter sounding phenomena. This is the full volume, like it is wired right in. Which I guess would be the more serious form of crosstalk, eh? Well, I've got more inputs than I need so I just won't use that one. Maybe some Cardas caps would be in order.
This is an older Eclipse I believe. I've had it two years and got it used.