Kora Cosmos Amps

Hard to find any info /reviews on these babies. I listen to Micheal Fremer of Stereophile as much as I listen to anyone, and he raved about these, in their ability to communicate the soul , drive, and palpability of music. I have AP Virgos, his reference speaker for a long time, and I share his views on the greatness of this speaker. Anyone have any comments.......thank you.....Mark
Greetings, I have owned the stereo version (Galaxy) and it is a fine amplifier. You can wire that amp in a way that makes it a mono amp as well. Jeff Starr of Kora sent me the wiring diagram. Anyway the Cosmos is supposed to be even better sounding. There is a stereo one at DejaVu audio in DC for $1500 that they are willing to sell even cheaper on request. The 6AS7 output tube is cheap and pretty easy to find. Each tube is fused well and the need for expensive matching is not necessary according to Kora.
Very nice amps espically when you consider how much they cost. Some of the best midgrange in the business IMHO.
I am happy with mine. Straightforward amps, easy to bias, very nice sound, and seem to have plenty of power. I have them paired with the Kora Eclipse pre.
In addition to my comment when you asked this question last week I can add this blurb from Leon Rivkin of The Stereo Times (he mentions the Cosmos and the Kora Hermes DAC in the Stereo Times' "Most Wanted Componenets" list for 2002).

Of the Reference Cosmos he says:

"Personally I am not aware of any power amp under $12-14K which will better the Kora References overall"