Kora Audio Company

Does anyone know what happened to Kora? Are they still around or did they close up shop?
They lost distribution in the US. I believe the still exists.

A very nice sounding amp.
Audiogon member, aball@vt.edu is very knowledgeable about Kora. He's a good guy. Kora's products were very good. Unfortunately, forget any support from the factory in France.
Keep us updated if you hear from them. I was just given a Kora Galaxy tube amp that I am trying to get some info about.
I was once a big fan of Kora until I got burnt with thousands of dollars lost with the repair, near fire, et al.

Their products sound very musicial but they are not reliable and they are not servicable once Kora pulled out from the U.S. market.

I once got this great member's assistance as well. But after spending near $2k with his repair, the equipment still didn't work right. I am not blaming him - it's just nature of the Kora products themselves IMHO. Some of the repaired equipment got sold dirty cheap like parts, while the Kora Galaxy Reference went up in fire and that was it.

I also emailed Kora directly in France but they couldn't care less once they found out I am in U.S. If you live in Europe, you should be able to get way better service.
It seems this company is now gone as the website seemed to be bought out by some clothing company by the same name.
They are probably on the clothing business now :D