Kora Amps

Can anyone comment on the sound and reliability of this lesser-known product line. Also, why has there been a dealer shake-up? Thanks.
I had the top of the line Kora pre and monoblock although I only had them for a short time so I can't comment on reliability issue. I too bought from Steve Davis at HiFi Farm. Briefly, I can only second what Jadem6 posted about Steve. There is nobody I have done business with in 15 years of this (habit?) in whom I trust more than Mr. Davis.

When I upgraded speakers from Von Schweikert VR6s I mentioned some very slight problems I was experiencing with my set up and Steve said was my Krell ksa300s that I was hearing. He recommended the Kora's and the problems cleared immediately. I know these two amps have very very different design approaches, however, the specific problems I was hearing were cleared up by the Koras and I got a glorious midrange and an even more liquid sound too boot.

I moved fairly soon after (and I have a tendency to change equipment) and to a much larger room. I required more power than the Kora's could produce and thus traded them in to Steve and received a very fair credit on them.

The Kora's were very pleasing and I cannot recommend Steve Davis highly enough.

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I just got a Kora Mercury and actually attached it to my second system thinking that my Mono-block SETs would sound better with the 93dB Sonatas. This weekend, I got curious and hooked the Mercury (40 PP-EL84) to the Sonatas. Wow, much greater bass control, smooth mid-range, and much better soundstage/imaging. So, I highly recommend!
The Kora Cosmos Monos (100W) drove the B/W801s at CES 01 and left me with one of the most memorable system auditions so-far.
What struck most was the musicality - these amps really have emotion (even on digital material). Everything sounds so spot on, I forgot to dissect what was happening in the midrange, base, soundstage,etc. If that's not enough, these amps are visually stunning and are dirt-cheap by comparison to any of the competion. These products are jewels.