Kontrapunkt B or karat 17Dmk2


which one to choose between these two. i'm using Clearaudio Champion with RB250/michellweight/LC audio phono stage.

or ZYX RS10
I sorry, I have to say it - don't buy a karat 17Dmk2 unless you have heard it in a system that is similar to yours. In my system it was horrible, absolutely lacking in bass, as though all my music was being voiced by a castrati. Reasonable people like the cartridge, though, so I can only conclude that in their systems it must sound very different.
Thanks man,

how's the zyx?
You may have had a defective 17D, because i think it's one of the best sounding carts. i think the short cantilever it the key, very clear, crisp bass, and highs, but the midrange is just simply magical, this is the cart. for me, but as you say, obviously not for everyone, the comment about no bass, does make me suspect maybe a defective cartridge though.
This might help - the 17d IS a very good cartridge, BUT - it is very light in weight (5 grams)and won't work well without adding a cartridge head weight on this arm. It will sound like there is no bass - exactly like the first comment in this thread. For better performance, I would go with the Blackbird or the Shelter 501 Mk IIat this price point as being far better with this arm and much less hassle to set up. Enjoy!