Kontrapunkt A and Audio Research PH 3 SE

Does this phono section have enough gain for this cart?
What does the Kontrapukt need? My ARC LS 25 and PH 3SE is just fine with a Lyra Helikon!
No it doesn't.
You should consider Pass Ono(X or Aleph whichever affordable) or add a step-up device.
You can also mod PH3 to have higher gain.
How do you mod the PH3 to have a higher gain? What is involved?

change values of power drop resistors to increase the bias of the output tubes. they still have plenty of room and its life isn't going to decrease too much after that mod.
I can't remember the numbers remember of the top of my head, but as soon as I dig out my records i can bring up that simple way to modify. the resistor types you can keep the same since PH3 IMO has perfect parts. The resulting gain can be upto 65dB from original 54.