kontact kleaner

Does anyone know a source to purchase kontact kleaner and which model to get?

http://www.gcaudio.com/ Check out the website, info is there.
Lak source above is good, Galen Carol in Texas, Galen has good review of it. Also Cable Co. www.fatwyre.com I am a big fan of Kontak, only one size available, I prefer over Caig pro gold.
JD, as Megasam said, there is only one size and its excellent. I would have given you the same sources as he did. Cheerio
I tried this product a few years ago and heard absolutely no difference. At that time, my preamp-in connectors and pre-to-power connectors were all XLR, which are "gas tight," and that may have reduced the need for/effectiveness of Kontact. My speaker wires were spades and my phono leads were RCA. I would have been better-served buying software with that money.
Kontak is also available from Audioadvisor.com for $39.95 pus $6.95 s/h with a ten day backorder. I have never gotten around to ordering a bottle, but would like to try it as well. I like Galen Carol's website though and may order from them instead.
There IS a difference. Just clean one channel only and listen. You'll be amazed how the soundstage subtly shifts to the channel you have cleaned.
I use Kontact about three or four times per year on my Tube system and Solid State system. For the price it's one of the best up-grades I ever made to my system (IMO). If you have not tried it yet you do not know what your missing! There is no residue left from the product. Other posts exist about this thread how ever I forget the name. Perhaps someone else remembers?
I started one myself, but I'll be dammed if I can remember the title. I do however remember that Kontak ended up receiving the highest recommendation.
I finally tried this product (received a bottle as a gift a few days ago - thanks Bruce). I started out by cleaning the tube sockets (output only as the signal ones were too small for the pipe cleaners supplied with the kit)) and all of the tube pins. I fired up the system and heard an improvment in HF definition. Following this I went through all of the connections over the next day (including the A/C ones - even the wall outlet) and it sounded even better. I had thouroughly cleaned all of these connections (or so I thought) less than four weeks before, with electrician's alcohol, but the Kontak raised quite a bit of grime (mainly from the tube sockets and also from the inside area of the RCA's). The hi-grade alcohol that I used before always made a difference/improvement, but not like this stuff. Great product.
Nectar of the audio gods, one of the most cost effective tweaks available. Very good detailed review and application
tips at www.gcaudio.com

Check it out, good read.