"Kondo M1000 pre with phono" or "Takumi K-10 pre + Kondo M7 phono?

"Kondo M1000 MKii preamp with built-in phono" or "Takumi K-10 preamp with Kondo M7 Phono stage"?

What is your opinion?
i would go with the 1 piece m1000 from Kondo.  The M-7 preamp is very basic phono, not in the same league as the M-1000 preamp.  This is just my honest opinion! 
Thanks Zipost.

But I am not talking about M7 preamp. I am talking about Takumi K-10 preamp with stand alone Kondo M7 phono stage.

I can offer no guidance but what a tough choice lol you're a very lucky audiophile!
That is what in am saying: the m7 phone preamp is not in the same league as the m1000 preamp built in phono.   The m7 phono is just a basic phono stage, parts transformer are not in the same league.  Also, even that the k-10 preamp, i would not compare that to the m1000 preamp from Kondo.  I would take the m-1000 preamp built in phono from Kondo in a heart beat!  
Kondo M1000mkii as long as it is one of the original versions designed by Kondo-san. The newer stuff coming out of Japan with the Kondo name is not the same IMO.
Thank you very much.

I almost decided to try a stand-alone M7 phono stage (This set up was recomended by a number of audiophiles including Kondo-san himself).

My current set up is Kondo Ongaku as power amp + VTL 7.5 Refernce Preamp + Sutherland monoblock phono stage. (I use Ongaku as integrated amp without VTL 7.5 from time to time).

It is still difficult to make a decision between Kondo M1000 and Takumi K10 especially when considering "sonic value vs cost".

If you have to think about cost than Kondo is not for you. If you think about sonics then as I stated previously an older Kondo M1000 would be your last pretty. If you can afford it just do it and don't second guess, be happy and enjoy life it's to short not to.