Kondo KSL M7 Vs. M77

hello Kondo fans outhere, i never have a chance to audition these 2 full function preamp, can you please educate me with your experience general sounding and phono stage, very appreciate.
thanks in advance
i hear cricket, any Kondo fan ?
How much do they cost?
i was wondering about sounding compare those 2 and specially phono stage not pricing.
The prices are why you hear crickets.
Hi Bluetosman,

if you are looking for what is the difference in sound we compared it in Nottingham: the result is - go for a separate M7 Phono instead of using the Phono of the M77. It sounds even more dynamical and powerful but very nicely with the M7 Phono MM
anyone get a chance to compare M7 Phono vs. the M1000's phono section?