Koetsu Std & the Koetsu Rosewood Signature

There seems to be some confusion as to what the differance is besides 1100.00. I have heard thar the Signature sounds better but they have the same specs.
the std is a very good cartridge by all means. the signature version just takes it to a few notches above: more refinement on the mids, more open highs, bass about the same as the std.
I don't know whether its worth the extra $1100 ?
Thanks but if the specs are the same what is different internally.
the internal wiring, the slightly different body
What is different about the internal wiring.
Your best bet as I'm not a techie guy would be to write to KoetsuUSA. Am sure they are able to address your concerns.
With that in mind, pls read my original answer as I addressed the sonic difference bet the two carts.
Good luck.
Everything I have read agrees with your answers.
I can go to sleep now.