Koetsu RSP compatibility

I am considering having a friend in JAPAN purchase a Koetsu RSP in the Fall, which I will pick-up while I am over there. The URUSHI cartridge is apparently no longer available in Japan.

The RSP has low voltage (0.2 mv) and I want to be comfortable that it will match well with my system. In particular, I am concerned by hum. The manley seems dead quiet and the Cary adequately quiet, but that is with a high output MM cartridge.

I will be using a Graham 2.2/Manley steelhead/ Cary SLP98P (through aux). The rest of the chain is Cary WE300B SE monoblocks and Avantgarde Duos, so the speaker efficiency is very high. The Duos are very sensitive to spurious noise.
I'd say if you have about 15db gain in your linestage, then you'll need about a minimum of 70db phono gain for that cartridge.
Thanks TWL. I will look in the manuals and try to make the calculation. Greg