Koetsu Platinium together with My Sonic Lab 303 SU

Hi i would like to hear if anyone has tried the combination with a Koetsu: Platinium series and a My Sonic Lab step up transformer 303, do they match together. Which SUT is the best for the Koetsu Platinium in general besides their own, which i beleave is out of produktion.
I have the Koetsu running into a Aesthetix: Eclipse but wants a SUT to have lower noise floor because of the low output from the Koetsu.
Let me hear your expiriences so i can find the right SUT.
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Have you thought of other ultra high end Japanese like Kondo?
Hi Mechans. I hope soon to try the new Kondo copper SUT which should be on its way to a local dealer. The KSL is working very well but out of my range.
Have anyone tried the Dynavector SUB200 or the Stevens and Billington with the Koetsu gems?
Dear Thastum: IMHO for that cartridge what you need is a different phonolinepreamp. Your unit was not build for so low output cartridge and a SUT the best can do for the cartridge is to degrade the cartridge signal.

IMHO what you need is an active high gain phonolinepreamp for the cartridge can shows at its best.

Regards and enjoy the music,