Koetsu Onyx Platinum or Ortofon Mc Anna

Hi there ! I already have in hand a two sealed Cart mentioned above which was traded in by a seller for my old gears. I dont want to open both carts for reasons i have to sell the other one. The question is what is the best cart to keep & will match my system ? My System : Dynaudio temptation , Pass Labs XA 100.5 , MF Primo preamp , Avid Pulsare Phonostage , Oracle Delphi VI w SME V Tonearm , Cardas GR Interconnects , Transparent Reference Speaker Cable , Cary 303t CDP. Room Size 5.0 x 6.0 mts. YOUR COMMENTS & INFO ARE ALL GREATLY APPRECIATED.
I have not heard the Ortofon Anna but assume it's sound is an "improved" Ortofon A90.

If so, those two cartridges are so far apart in sound it may not be possible for anyone to suggest what's best.

The fact you have Ortofon A90 (you mentioned in another thread) suggests to me that the Anna would more likely please you.

I suggest you give both a listen and decide for yourself. This could be the only time in your life when you have the opportunity to compare these two.
I have not heard Anna either but heard A90 a few times and had Koetsu Onyx in my system for a little while. Like Albert said, the sound of both are so different that you really need to hear both. Koetsu is one of those either you love them or hate them and is rather picky about the tonearm. I was rather underwhelmed when I heard Onyx with JMW 10.5 and TW Acoustic Raven arm. Coralstone also was not so impressive with Reed 3Q but with FR64s, it was a different story. I have not heard Koetsu with SME V so I don't know how well they match. With the right setup and the right kind of music, Koetsu is rather hard to beat but I don't consider it a super great all around cartridge for all kind of music though. So much will also depends on the type of music that you play as well. Personally, I would pick Koetsu over A90 if I have the right arm for Koetsu just because of my listening preference and the type of music I listen to.
If financially feasible, the best thing to do is to try both and decide for yourself.
Thanks a Lot Guys. Merry Christmas !
Thanks a Lot Guys. Merry Christmas !

You can't do that :-)