Koetsu new sound

This is the first cartridge that I worn out, more than 3000 hours in exactly 2 years. The Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx (s.# p18x) has been sent last month for a full rebuild to Koetsu in Japan. I had it back on 11.04. and I did more than 80 hours.
Well, I can smell a change of sound. I've read in the past critics about roll-off highs or not too tight bass. It seems that those are addressed. There is a better definition, tighter bass, clear highs, more details, PRAT is excellent.
Gone is the lifelike timbre and full body sound. The original cart made me buy a number of solo piano records, classical music was exceptional. That cart was really something very special.

I'd like to hear from people who have experience with Koetsus with similar serial numbers and later with newish or rebuilt ones. The cart may need some break in time, but is this a new conception?
It may be the person rebuilding it is not the same person who made the original.
One thing about Koetsus is they are hand made and hand voiced/tweaked.
The person who tweaked your rebuild may not have been as careful. IMO naturally.
Also, it may have been worn out with subtle changes in sound prior to your rebuild and that you are now listening to a cart that is not "worn out". 3000 hrs is a lot in two years. that averages to 10 lps a day, both sides, everyday for two years. Lots of listening.
100 hours and there are signs I can have the timbre back. Cleaning the stylus tip with a MoFi LP#9 helped a lot.