Koetsu Jade platinum V Dynavector XV-1s ?

Has anyone heard both cartridges?. My XV-1 is close to worn out, so looking at what my next cartridge will be. I can buy a Jade for pretty close to the same price as the XV-1s.

How does the Koetsu play rock/pop/alternative music?. I like all styles of music but this is where most of my taste lies.

cheers Shane

Haven't had the opportunity to listen to both but have heard great things about the koetsu. There is a very good review of it by roy Gregory, who is generally quite good. If you would like I could send it to you. I am surprised however, I thought it was quite a bit more than the dynavector.

Dear Shane: I own the Xv-1 and the Koetsu RSP. I never hear the Jade but I think that its sound has to be very near the RSP.
I prefer the XV-1, it is very well balanced cartridge in all the frecuency spectrum against the Koetsu. You will be near the music with the Dynavector.
Regards and enjoy the music.
Gary, It was the Jade review by Roy Gregory in hifi+ that prompted me to ask the question.
Paul, thanks for the advise.

I am going with my gut feel am upgrading to the XV-1s. My local dealer has come up with a price that is quite good. I luv the XV-1 now and the Koetsu may not suit my pop/rock/alternative listening bias's.

I am dropping off the XV-1 today and hopefully will have the new XV-1 within a short time after it is sent from Japan.

cheers Shane
Shane,search about the new Te Kaitora Rua before pulling the triger !

Good luck !
Dear Shane: Right play !.
Regards and enjoy the music.
Audio999. I had a Te-Kaitora before I bought the XV-1. No comparison, the XV-1 was in a different league. XV-1 has similar bottom end but a lot clearer, transparent, naturally dynamic and plain easier to listen to from top to bottom.
I still have the Te-Kaitora and it was a big step up from the XX-2.
The XV-1s will be better again.
I still have the Te-Kaitora so perhaps one day I might trade in on the new Te-Kait, but I very much doubt it.

Thanks Paul, I am sure I made the right move - but with this obsessive habit, one is always on the lookout for greener pastures.

Looks like I will be waiting for several weeks for mine ( I hope I get it before Xmas), the distributor said I was waiting in line behind the US and Germany orders.

I guess I can enjoy my Helikon for the next few weeks, It does not get much of a lookin since I bought the XV-1.

cheers Shane