Koetsu Black Spec's?

Anyone know the tracking force and other pertinent spec's for a Koetsu black? Anyone have a spec sheet stashed away?Thanks, Bob
contact garth learer @ musicalsurroundings.com. he's the current us distributor for koetsu, which i understand are now made by the 2d generation of the family. BTW, old cartridges do lose their stylus resiliency over time; you may need to get it a dose of viagra or a refurbishing.
I own a few of them. They should be loaded with 30 Ohms if you have a tube phono section or between 10 and 50 Ohms if you have a transistor phono preamp. Tracking force should be 2.0g and VTA should be right with the body parrallel to the record but you could experiment with that. i have found that those cartridge age well, mine are 10 years old and sound fine. You need a stiff arm of medium to high mass to mate with the Koetsu. Personnally I use a Well Tempered Arm and Turtable with great results. Hope to have been of help.
Thanks for the advice guys. The black was just returned from VDH after a 'tuneup.' Thanks for the specific info Goldorak. I will take your advice and load it at 30 at 2g/parralell. Best regards