Koetsu Black

Can someone help with the output data and the loading parameters for this cartridge.
The typical output is 0.4mV and loading should be 30 Ohms for a tube section and between 10-50 Ohms for a transistor section. Tracking force should be 2.0-2.2g and the VTA is correct with the body parallel to the record.

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Loading is 100 ohm and this number is constant regardless of tube or solid state. However if you're using step up transformer, than the transformer should be 10-20 ohm input impedance. Output is 0.5mV. VTA parallel to slightly lower tonearm (1-3 degree down).

Tracks 1.9-2.1g. Start with 2.0g.

I am qualified to comment. Owned Black, Red, Rosewood Sig, Urushi, and Onyx. Used with tube ARC Ph3, various solid state, various transformers.
your both right,ive had 5 koetsu's( 2 blacks & 3 rosewoods)& they have all had different outputs from each other,100 ohms is the load,i know 2.2 grams is too heavy,but i swear they sound better there.& that 1-3 degrees down is magical
Take it from a 30 year highend audio veteran and electrical engineer: the best overall sound from the Koetsu Black or Redwood is gained from the standard 47,000 ohms (no additional)loading. Set it there and leave it there!!

Many other highend cartridges I've owned (Troika, Dynavectors, etc) do benefit from loading under 470 ohms, but not the Koetsus. Agree that 2.2gm tracking is about optimal. VTA is critical and can be dialed in by ear. Overall compromise (each record's optimum is slightly different) usually ends up with the back of the tonearm about 1 mm down from horizontal.

Keep your original Koetsus. No other cartridge captures the involvement or essence of live music quite the same.
Your mileage will vary, trust your ears and try different value which you like the best.

Cartridge's impedance loading will differ from rest of your front end system as well. Depends on what type/manufacture of phono preamp, what type of the cable and length you use between your turntable to phono, as well as what type of arm you use(arm and the internal wiring). One top of that, your own preference and the musical taste will vary this impedance value as well, no one number is the magic number for all(this goes same for VTA/VTF).
I am loading my Urushi at 100 Ohms into a Krell reference phono stage and using Synergisitc Research Alpha Sterling for the phono cable. This is the only loading setting that reallymakes the cartridge sing. Also, the best VTA I'v efound is with the cartridge bottom parallel to the record surface, perhaps a micron down in the back.