Kodo or other Taiko suggestions on redbk cd?

I think Calyx (?) was playing some at the Show which sounded good musically.

Strange that the music archives search found no entry for Kodo or Taiko, don't you think? Then again, it's not Britney Spears, or Eva Cassidy....

I own three Kodo releases, Sai-So, Ibuki and a Sheffield recording from 1985 entitled Heartbeat Drummers of Japan. Sai-So and Ibuki were both released in the late '90's and contain songs that show their influence and collaboration with international artists. Very interesting and fun compositions, but I much prefer their earlier work which is much more at the root of traditional Japanese music. Maybe I'm biased by my Japanese heritage, but songs like O-Daiko just do something for my spirit.

A friend of mine received training from Ondekoza whose members were once affiliated with Kodo many years ago and is part of a troup based in Los Angeles called Zendeko. They haven't recorded anything, but give many performances throughout the year.
Try Kodo "Tataku", this cd has a variety of drum tracks with other instruments (like shakuhachi). Recording quality varies from cut to cut, but overall very good. Best listened to on a full range system.
Thanks for the replies.

I used to hear Soh Daiko at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens' CB Festival every spring when I lived in NYC. We would sit on the grass, take in the performance, and it would literally be snowing cherry blossoms. They'd be such a natural to perform at a High End Show....

Philly's Kimmel Center had Soh Daiko's sister, NJ group perform in a courtyard during their opening celebration. It was the best thing they had during the whole week. Incidentally, they have to be the most inter-racial, inter-generational Taiko group anywhere. One soloist was about 11; maybe not Kodo, but highly enjoyable.