Knukonceptz 8 guage wire, bananas and interconnects

Has any tried Knukonceptz 8 guage speaker wire and what were your thoughts. Also their banana plugs and interconnects  seem to be reasonably priced.
I have not heard the product however looking at their website the quality of the copper looks to be good {pure oxygen-free copper (OFC)} and I like the fact that they are already twisted. 
The Krux RCA Cable is pure oxygen free copper (OFC) drawn in three distinct diameters(3D) interconnects look interesting.
Website in general:
I've used their BFA banana plugs for a number of speaker cable pair I've built and been very happy with both the construction and the sonics. No experience with their wire. The cables I've built have used Mogami, DH Labs or Canare wire. If you're interested in bang for the buck the Canare 4s8 or 4s11 are very good.
I still have their karma kable rca cables lying around which I purchased from them more than 15 years ago. Still sound pretty decent.