Know who played this Colman Hawkins date?

I got record titled "The Hawk Swings" on United Superior Records (US 7707). Its in stereo, so I guess its from the early sixties sometime. Its real stereo too, not some re-mixed nonsense. No where on either the cover or the vinyl does it tell you what date, where it was recorded or who played on it. Lineup is Hawk, trumpet, piano, bass and drums. The tracks are Bean in Orbit, After Midnight, Hassle, Moodsville and Stalking.Actually not a bad recording for a no-name. I certainly have worse.

Anyone have any idea who might have played on this record with hawk?
This may be your answer, according to a seemly knowledgable reviewer on

>Volume two of "The Hawk Swings" was recorded on the UNITED RECORDS label (#7707) I have both volumes on vinyl. The album cover photo's look as if they were taken seconds apart. Hawk is wearing identical clothing on both. Why the different label??? Only the musicians know I guess. Volume two has the same lineup...Costa, Duvivier, Osie Johnson and Thad Jones...although their names are NOT listed on Volume Two....Songs include Bean In Orbit, After Midnight, Hassle, Moodsville, and Stalking. I don't know if Volume Two is still available. <<
You're close on the date, that LP is from 1960.

Here's the lineup of talent:

Eddie Costa Piano, Vibraphone
George Duvivier Bass
Coleman Hawkins Saxophone
Osie Johnson Drums
Thad Jones Trumpet
John Marlo Liner Notes

Hope that helps. I have quite a few Coleman Hawkins LP's myself.
Thanks Guys! Albert, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get your information from?

I think it was a pretty good score for $4.00.
These two records were originally on the Crown label, I believe. I have both of them. Great stuff and quite well recorded.