Know Origin Live arms and TT kits?

Anybody have any experience with Origin Live ( phono products – namely, (1) Rega RB250 arm modifications, and (2) turntable kit? ----- I have an early 1980s vintage Planar 3 with the S-shaped (R200?) arm. Was planning to buy a new cartridge, then got to thinking about an arm upgrade, then… Just curious about the Origin Live stuff, at budget prices.
Jay, There's a good review of the Origin Live modified RB250 and RB300 arms at
I installed the O.L. DC motor kit and power supply on my LP12 and it KICKS A**!! I don't have any direct experience with the Rega arm mods, but the press has been positive. They also offer replacement acrylic platters for Rega, etc. Check out their website at Feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions.
Thanks for the responses. The StereoTimes review was a good read. I don't think Origin Live's home page has a link to it yet, but I'm sure it won't be long. And, apparently, the next issue will review OL's TT kit, so I'll look forward to that. Good to hear about your motor kit experience, Mdok -- that's reassuring. The TT kit sounds like fun, actually. For now, I may replace my old arm with a OL-mod RB250.
Hi, I have an OL RB250. For the $$$ I don't think you can beat it. Mark at OL was a pleasure to work with. I mounted mine on a Michell Gyro SE. I received the arm before the tt and that is with ordering at the same time. Can't say enough good about OL. Good luck.